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Comb Exchange Puzzle Parking System   Video Show Click here

Work Principle

This system is our new designed model of parking system adopting COMB PALLETS with own power devices; designed SLIDING COMB TURNTABLE PALLET for exchange at ground level, it can take the car at any columns sliding into the entrance; Driven by large hydraulic large transmission ratio;


Drive the car direct into entrance, the arm-bending barrier opens, drive the car into the sliding comb turntable pallet, lock the car and out of the car; Card reading or operate by manual with button space number, the sliding comb turntable pallet with the car will slide to the lifting channel; The comb lifter pallet will work and goes up to exchange the car with sliding comb turntable pallet; The comb lifter pallet lifts the car to the upper position of the parking space; The ground sliding comb turntable pallet will slide back to the parking channel position at this time; When the comb lifter pallet with the car lifts to the upper position, the comb parking pallet of the parking space slides out into the lifting channel to exchange the car with the upper comb lifter pallet; The comb lifter pallet falls down and finish the exchange with the comb parking pallet; The comb lifter pallet fall directly to the ground position and the comb parking pallet slides into the space to finish parking action;


The driver operate his car space by manual or IC card reading; his car in the space will slide out into the channel on the comb parking pallet; The comb lifter pallet will goes up quickly to exchange the car with the comb parking pallet; at same time, the ground sliding comb turntable pallet will slide to the lifting channel to wait the car falling; The comb lifter pallet will get the car from the comb parking pallet at a higher position; when the comb sliding pallet slides into space, the car with comb lifter pallet will fall down to the ground, and exchange the car again with the ground sliding comb turntable pallet; The sliding comb pallet will do "Slide and Turn" action, slide back into the entrance area, and turns the car into forward direction; The comb lifter pallet will lift up the position; When all finished, the driver can go into his car and drive it away directly, the arm-bending barrier now closed;


This new designed parking system is composed of main parking structure, comb sliding turntable pallet sliding and turning system, comb lifter pallet lifting system, comb parking pallet sliding system, hydraulic pump station system, counter weight system, monitoring system, control system, etc;


1. The system is Dayang patent, it is the updated product of high levels puzzle parking system; it is more flexible with high usage of parking area than vertical tower parking system; it is a replacement new product of the vertical tower parking system; It is driven by hydraulic large transmission ratio. It realizes multi-columns sliding for comb exchange at ground level with pit design; This system can be designed max 35 levels based on clients requirements;

2. Less land coverage, high usage of parking area; all cars can park and retrieve from an appointed entrance; Columns and levels can be appointed by customer requirements;

3. It can be designed the entrance at bottom, middle and top position according to real site area situation and requirements;

4. Low investment solution and very low maintenance cost;

5. Steady operation, low noise, fast speed, short time of parking and retrieving;

6. Multi-ways safety protection with anti-fall devices, anti-clashing devices, anti-over loading devices;

7. Adopts hydraulic speed adjustment technology, steady and safe operation;

Technical Parameters


Item Parameters

Mode of drive

Hydraulic drive, Comb exchange

Levels of system

7~35 levels

Mode of drive

Hydraulic drive, Comb exchange

Size of car (L*W*H)


Weight of car

2350kg max

Mode of operation

Auto / Manual (Monitor control)

Speed of Operation







Motor power








for power

AC380V,50Hz, 3 phases 5 wires system

for control

AC220V,50Hz, 3 phases 5 wires system

Safeguard devices

Over-length, over-width, over height detection; car space with car or without car detection; wrong entrance detection, if car into position detection, gate barrier system;

Malfunction indication

Computer malfunction diagnosis, human-computer communication information display

Parts appearance treatment

Hot spray galvanized treatment and high-grade anti-corrosion painting


PLC, with control monitoring, IC card, manual and operative panel;

Way of parking in and out

Forwarding in and forwarding out;

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