China Dayang Parking Systems

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Hydraulic Pallet Puzzle Parking System 3 Levels

Work Principle

This system is designed with 3 layers and multi-columns layout.  Each layer is designed with a spare space as an exchanging space.
 All spaces can be auto-lifting freely except the spaces in the first layer and all the spaces can be auto-transverse moving except the spaces in the top layer. When a space needs to park or release a car, all spaces under the space will make a one space transverse moving to the empty space and forms a lifting channel under this space. In this case, the space will go up and down freely. When it reaches the ground, the car will go out and in freely.


  • Low area coverage and high usage rate of space.

  • The layers and columns will be added to raise the number of cars according to the customer's requirements.

  • It may be designed with full-closed style to adjust the surrounding environment.

  • It operates steadily without noise and with fast operating speed and short parking and releasing time.

  • Multi-channels safety protection and series of safety protection devices for anti-dropping, anti-crashing and anti-overloading

Main Structure

  • Steel structure

  • Car Pallet

  • Lifting system

  • Sliding system

  • Hydraulic system

  • PLC control system 

  • Safe-guard system

Technical Parameters



Mode of drive

Hydraulic drive, Comb exchange

Levels of system

3 levels

Mode of drive


Size of car (L*W*H)


Weight of car

2000kg max /2500kg max

Mode of operation

Auto IC card/ Manual button

Lifting motor power


Lifting speed


Sliding motor power


Sliding speed



AC 380V 50HZ, 3P5W;

Safeguard devices

Over-length, over-width, over height detection; car space with car or without car detection; wrong entrance detection

Cylinder stroke protection, and anti-fall frame

Warning devices

Sound, light, electricity

Malfunction indication

Computer malfunction diagnosis, human-computer communication information display, liquid crystal display

Parts appearance treatment

Hot spray galvanized treatment and high-grade anti-corrosion painting


PLC, with control monitoring, IC card, manual and operative panel;

Way of parking in and out

Forwarding in and forwarding out;