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Vertical Rotary Parking System 10 Cars or SUVs


DRP10 is the Rotary Parking System for 10 Cars; it mainly consists of steel structure, load carrier, drive system, control system, safety and detection system.

It is the designed system that an automobile is put in the cage, the cage rotates up and down as well as right and left and then the automobile is parked.

This Automatic Parking System is designed to permit up to a maximum of 10 cars or 10 SUV's to be parked easily and safely, on the surface area required to park 2 cars. It is simple to operate with the driver parking and leaving the vehicle in the system at ground level.

Once the driver leaves the incorporated safety zone the vehicle is automatically parked by the system rotating to lift the parked car away from the bottom central position. This leaves an empty parking space available at ground level, for the next car to be parked on.

The parked car is easily retrieved by IC card or pushing the button for the relevant position number the car is parked on. This causes the required car to rotate down to ground level ready for the driver to enter the safety zone and reverse the car out of the system.

Working Principle

Each space has a car pallet, the pallets for parking or retrieving will rotate along a direction to realize the parking or retrieving space to the ground; Driver can park or get the car directly in the ground space;

Steps: All cars will rotate along the clockwise or anti-clockwise until the car get to ground; For example in the following picture show, if we want to get the No. 6 car, the cars from No. 1 to No. 10, all rotate along anti-clock direction; The No.6 pallet falls to the ground and driver can take it away directly;


1. Covering small land area and parking more spaces with high usage of land area; Two car spaces can park from 8 to 12 cars or more; Flexible and easy parking with less requirement of the land area and it is easy and convenient for moving;

2. Frame structure design with fine structure and loading weight, well earthquake resistance; Steel structure adopts rectangular pipes, HA pipes best quality steel with fine appearance; Designed with different sizes steel according to different loading weight; Earthquake resistance is 7 scales;

3. The lifting structure has beautiful humanization design to avoid leakage;

4. Convenient installation, fastening directly by bolts, the car pallet is assembly or integral installation with short period of installation time;

5. Motor is world famous brand with advantages of low noise, small volume, light weight, fewer malfunctions and saving energy;

6. Chain or steel rope adopts safety index over 7; anti-corrosion and high anti fatigue performance;

7. Simple and reliable structure, low malfunction, less motor (10 cars spaces only 1 motor;), low malfunction and easy maintenance;

8. Quick installation time and easy maintenance with the least trouble. Unit can be reinstalled in a new location, if necessary.

Main Structures

Rotary parking system is composed of 7 basic structures

Foundation, Steel structure, Pallets, Transmission, Control System, Safety Protection Devices and other Auxiliary Devices;


Technical Parameters

Item Parameters




Vertical Rotary

Levels of system




Size of car (L*W*H)



Weight of car


Drive motor


Rotating Speed


Parking time


Mode of drive

Motor + Chain


PLC type (basic)

Control Method

Touch screen / Push button or IC card

Parking way

Forward in, Back out


3 phases 5 wires, 380V, 50HZ

Safety devices

1.Car block device (Positioning)

2.Operation warning device (Warning light)

3.Car position detection device (Over length, over width detection)

4.Malfunction warning device

5.Man or car mistake entrance detection (Photoelectric switch protection devices);

6.Emergency brake device when electricity cut off;

8.Over current flow protection device

9.Key switch against wrong operation;

10.Wrong phase, shortage phase protection, motor over loading protection device;

11.Emergency stop button;