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Hydraulic Pallet Puzzle Parking System 2 Levels

Work Principle

There are 2 levels of upper and down spaces. The car can go into and out of the down level spaces directly by lifting and sliding movement. When the space in the ground level is spared, the space in the upper level will fall to ground. Then the car will go out and in freely.

Usually on ground or basement parking solutions.


  • OEM service, it can be built according to the customer requirements and dimensions.

  • Complete safety protection functions

  • Simple and practical structure and appearance

  • Safe and fast operation

  • The front pillar can be removed for a convenience of going in and out.

  • PLC automated control design for easy maintenance and malfunctions removal easily

  • Low cost, easy maintenance

  • Simple demand of earthwork, Wide applicability, can be arranged and combined according to variety landform and extensity suitable for construction and reconstruction of up ground and underground garage

Main Structure

  • Steel structure

  • Car Pallet

  • Lifting system

  • Sliding system

  • Hydraulic system

  • PLC control system 

  • Safe-guard system

Technical Parameters

Item Parameters

Mode of drive

Hydraulic drive, Comb exchange

Levels of system

2  levels

Mode of drive


Size of car (L*W*H)


Weight of car

2000kg max

Mode of operation

Auto IC card/ Manual button

Lifting motor power


Lifting speed


Sliding motor power


Sliding speed



AC 380V 50HZ, 3P5W;

Safeguard devices

Over-length, over-width, over height detection; car space with car or without car detection; wrong entrance detection,

Malfunction indication

Computer malfunction diagnosis, human-computer communication information display

Parts appearance treatment

Hot spray galvanized treatment and high-grade anti-corrosion painting


PLC, with control monitoring, IC card, manual and operative panel;

Way of parking in and out

Forwarding in and forwarding out;


Comparison Hydraulic Puzzle and Motor Puzzle

The sample parking system has 3 columns with different technology. Three columns are 3 types. Please compare their differences. The left column uses motor+chain drive design (a past old way). The middle column uses motor+steel rope (also not so developed) design. The right column uses hydraulic drive (modern design with high speed, safe control, low noise, easy maintenance and also low power consumption). We suggest hydraulic drive (our patent). Please check the movie and compare the differences, especially lift and falling speed. If any questions, write to right now.