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Vertical Lift Cabinet Parking System 10 Levels

Work Principle

This vertical intelligent parking system is designed to parking cars from 4 levels to 12 levels; Max can do 15 levels; It can realize 10 times parking spaces than ground parking; One or more car entrance/Exit can be designed;


When parking, only drive the car onto the parking platform in front of the car entrance door, Mostly IC card operation, when card reading, the door opens automatically, the intelligent carrying trolley will take the car to the appointed position automatically along the passage by lifting, sliding, turning actions; The trolley will release the car to the correct space and back to original position;


When retrieving, the driver can choose Card Reading or APP operation by mobile; the intelligent trolley will take the car to the entrance/exit platform by sliding, falling, turning actions; All automatically; The drive no need turn the car, just forward out;  


It is full automatic closed intelligent parking system with steady carrying platform, advanced comb frame exchange way, high efficiency united action of sliding, lifting, turning at same time; saving much time to realize quick parking and retrieving, Max parking or retrieving time max 90S; It has other advantages of reservation parking or retrieving operated by mobile APP, License plate recognition, Empty parking spaces show, Indication of car into position, Car auto-centralizing position parking, Automatic timing for charging;


1. Adaptability: Outside high levels parking garage, inside building concrete well passage garage;

2. Mode of drive: Adopt hydraulic pulley large transmission rate drive; Hydraulic system adopts pump group to realize many pumps sharing and backup application; Low noise, high efficiency, high safety and reliability;

3. Mode of exchange: Adopt comb trolley or clap trolley;

4. Layout way: On ground, half ground or full underground;

5. Entrance monitoring, voice warning, LED show for parking or retrieving;

Description of this Design

1. This design is 2 sets of systems, each system independent; Total 4 entrances/exits, 2 elevators, 2 carrying trolleys;

2. This project is 10 levels on the ground, concrete structure, total 114 mechanical parking spaces, among of which, 24 SUVs;

3. Comb exchange way, designed with automatic car centralizing system when parking not in the position;

4. Car size and weight required: 5300*1900*1550/2050mm, 2350kg;

5. Mode of control: Centralized control in the control room, PLC auto control system;

6. Designed with monitoring system: Closed-circuit monitoring system (central control room monitoring the entire garage operation) LED guide screen can display long, wide, high, in place, running a variety of tips;

7. Mode of operation: IC Card/Touch Screen/Manual Button

Technical Parameters

Item Parameters



Levels of system


Total spaces


Size of car (L*W*H)

F1-4: 5300mm*1900mm*2050mm
F5-10: 5300mm*1900mm*1550mm

Weight of car

2350kg max

Mode of operation

Auto / Manual (Monitor control)

Lift system

Lift motor


Lift speed


mode of drive

hydraulic + steel rope

Slide system

Slide motor


Slide speed


Trolley system

Carrying motor


Carrying speed



Turn motor


Turn speed



for power

AC380V,50Hz, 3 phases 5 wires system

Total electricity power


Mode of parking

Forward in, Forward out

Mode of operation

IC Card / Touch screen / Manual