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After Sales Services

Our company pursues a principle of "the whole day after sales services". We will offer you fine after sales services at any time in 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. The after sales services telephone is 86-536-8932599, E-mail:

We promise to offer a favorable price of the damageable parts lower than the market price.

As for the foreign customers, our company will consign a ladder maintenance company in charge of after sales service for products of our company including works of period maintenance and urgent maintenance. Details of maintenance see <<Maintenance Regulations>>.

Maintenance Regulation

All checking, maintenance will be responsible by professional staff trained by our company.

I.  Period Checking Regulations

1. Week checking and maintenance (In the first 3 months, we will check once every two weeks from the notice of starting operation of our products after successful acceptance.)

        The equipment and its security facilities should be cleaning, lubricating, adjusting and checking twice every three weeks. Especially the work status of the chief security device should be checked carefully one time. The problems will be solved at once if we check out some problems. We should check all lubricating parts and fill up some lubricating grease if needed.

2. Season checking and maintenance (From the last week in 3 months, we will check and maintain once in a 3 months):

        Check completely the transmission parts (transmission chains, inhibiting switch, lifting motor, chain wheel, leading track, etc.) of the parking equipment and give necessary adjustment and maintenance. Adjust necessarily to the security devices and check the working status of electric control system.

3. Annual checking and maintenance:

        The equipment will be checked thoroughly at one time every year (including grounding and pressure endurance of the electricity equipment). Finally, we should work out comments of the equipment working status and make an annual maintenance plan as well as repair and change the damaged parts.

4. Adjustment test:

     The equipment should have to make an adjustment test every two years.

II. Temporary checking and maintenance:

        The equipment can't be put into use and it should be checked completely and carefully after long time idling because of earthquake, fire.

III. Urgent malfunction treatment:

        The after sales staff should rush to the spot after receiving the notice from the customer for a quick solving and treatment to the malfunction when malfunction occurs during the operation procedure of the parking equipment.

IV. Checking content and its requirement

1. Photoelectric sensor, light indication device and journey inhibitating switch.

1)   The installation is fixed without any losing and fault location;

2) It works formal after operation test

2. Lifting transmission system

1) The motor seat is connected fast without any obvious distortion; the motor works well without any exceptional sound;

2) The tension state is better without any rust and corruption.

3) The jointing ends are reliable without any inconvenience.

4) The chain wheel transmission is flexible, fixed and reliable.

5) Good lubrication situation in transmission parts and sliding parts;

3. Lifting device

1) It should be steady without any obvious vibration and exceptional sound during lifting;

2) Good transverse state and same height capacity;

3) Easy and flexible transmission of the transmission parts (lifting frame, sliding frame, transmission shaft, etc) without any obvious distortion or blocking;

4) Safe and reliable inhibitating device and anti-dropping device.

4. Steel structure and guiding tracks

1) Fine rigidity of the whole steel structure without any obvious distortion or vibration.

2) Take out high tense bolt casually for checking and tight the torque; M16 is not lower than 260Nm; M20 is not lower than 400Nm.

3) Size error of distance between the columns should be less than 3mm; the camber error should be less than 2mm.

4) The Pre-embedded piece at bottom of the column and jointing bolt should not be lo-sing or rusting.

5) The standing points of the steel structure should not occur situations of forever distortion and welding crazing.

5. Bearing

All parts of bearing should be well lubricated. No damaging occurs at any situation, or it should be stopped to use at once.

6. Groundwork

1) There is no sinking, cracking status of the groundwork and the cincrete has no superfluous fault and damage.

2) It should be kept clean around the groundwork without any sundries and garbage; Forbid any sundries falling into the transmission parts.

3) The ground should be kept clean without any sundries or water (ice); Water should be cleaned out after raining and snow should be swept after snowing.

7. Electric parts

1) Operation plate: The button is perfect without damage and the indication light works well without failure and losing control.

2) Electricity control box: Clean and dry in the box; circuit breaker, connectors, electricity and computers work well; Good condition of box door with waterproof and dustproof.

3) The jointing points of electricity wire, cables and protection pipes should be well without any damage.

4) The grounding resistance and insulated resistance of the motor control device should be in accordance with safety use.

8. Operation and maintenance

1) Check periodically each time for an operation at least 2 times and above.

2) Check periodically each time, clean up each part of the moving parts, then fill in proper lubricants.

3) Check and maintenance periodically each time to eliminate all disqualification items. Or it should be stopped to use until it operates in a good way.

9. Appearance and coating

1) Tidy and clean appearance without any dirty and oil.

2) The parking equipment should be often cleaned and washing to keep clean all the time.

3) The coated surface should not have any obvious nicks, shedding or other damages.

4) All marks and protection fence should be perfect without damage.

5)The cushion mat is installed tight and it should be replaced at once if it is found laniated or aging.

10. Attention:

All transmission parts (such as motor, chain, bearing, etc.) sensor, inhibitating device, chief loading parts are key points to decide the equipment operating or not. They have to be checked with strict and careful action each time.