China Dayang Parking Systems

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Smart Full Automatic Comb Slide-Lift-Turn  Puzzle Parking System

Working principle

The parking system is full automatic intellectual parking system, it is car parking direct in and direct out with separated driver and car; It adopts advanced comb exchange technology. it is a new carrying and exchange style. It is Dayang patents design; It is renewed parking system from puzzle parking system. It is more flexible and smart compared with traditional plane moving parking system. it can realize single row layout, also double and multi-rows layout; The Comb Exchange technology realize no sending back the pallet, and separate the driver from the car, safe and reliable; 360 degree turning and sliding when turning, saving much time;  The structure is divided into lifting channel, parking area and sliding channel. The lifting channel is placed every another row. Every floor has an empty car space. A comb type lifter is set in the lifting channel. The cars will be parked on the sliding comb frame. The entrances are located in the ground floor of each lifting channel. Cars will be transported to the aim position through the exchanging between comb lifter and sliding comb frame when saving or retrieving the cars. The sliding turntable will finish the task of carrying the cars from the lifting channel to the entrance and turn the cars around at the same time.


1) Scope of application: Outdoor high level parking system, narrow parking area which needs to set the entrance at side and multi form combinatorial parking system

2) Drive mode: Hydraulic pulley driven by large drive ratio. The hydraulic system adopts pump group pumping station. Every pump can become the backup of other pumps. It is low noise, high working and safety.

3) Sliding system: Adapt to self-driving sliding comb frame driven by double transmission shaft and patent sliding power supply technology. Safe and stable.

4) Layouts: ground layout and half ground half under underground layout.

5) Entrance: ground floor of every car space.Also can be at the side way of 90 degree angle.

6) Able to be equipped with electric car charging devices.

7) Entrance observation mirror, voice prompts, LED display are equipped.

Technical Parameters

Item Parameters



Levels of system

35 max

Size of car (L*W*H)



Weight of car

2350kg max

Number of cars

Based on customer requirements

Mode of operation

Auto / Manual (Monitor control)

Speed of operation


Hydraulic speed-regulation 





Frequency control 30m/min


Frequency control 3.0rpm

Motor power






1. 5kw 





for power

AC380V,50Hz, 3 phases 5 wires system

for control

AC220V, 50Hz,  2 phases 3 wires system

Mode of parking

Forward in, Forward out

Mode of operation

IC card AUTO/ screen / manual

Warning devices

Sound, light, electricity

Malfunction indication

Fault diagnosis by computer, liquid crystal display

Frame composition

Columns and beams are made of H type steel, Channel steel, angle steel and square pipes;

Parts appearance treatment

Galvanized treatment and high-grade anti-corrosion painting